A mini interview with Victor Stonem


01 / Me:
My name is Victor Stonem, 19 years old photographer and illustrator from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

02 / What do I want to communicate with my pictures:
Bits of my everyday life, what’s inspiring me and things that I’m working on at the moment. It’s mostly still life scenes and things that catch my eye. Oh, and delicious food and coffee as well 😉


03 / What are you working on at the moment?
Right now, I’m focusing on my blog and my digital presence as a photographer. Working with inspiring brands and people that I love and share the same interests as me. I’m also an advertising student, so I’m focusing on my studies a lot too.prospector-shave-1

04 / Main influences:
People, photography, light, places, style, minimalism… The list goes on and on! To be honest, I get a lot of inspiration from social media and the people I’m following on Instagram, I think they’re very inspiring and creative at the same time and that’s really a positive thing! And also every day life, I embrace each day as a new beginning and as an option to change, and be a better person, which I think is inspiring.Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

05 / Future plans:
I got back to the food photography game! I can’t even describe how excited I am to be working with all these creative chefs and food stylists.
I also planning to include City Guides on my blog in collaboration with all my friends that live far away.

06 / Advice for instagrammers: @victorstonem
Always stay true to yourself. Try finding a style that goes good with you and stick to it. Think about your composition before shooting and try to keep the editing process as minimal as possible. Pay attention to natural light and see how you can take advantage of it. Have fun trying out filters (I normally use Snapseed and the s2 filter on VSCO on a low intensity) but don’t abuse them.

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