A mini interview with Vera & Kyte

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Vera & Kyte

01 / Us:
We are curious, enthusiastic and love what we do!

02 / What do we want to communicate with our design?
Each piece has a new story. Common for our work is the aim to create a dimension exceeding the functional purpose. We spend a lot of time giving each piece a distinct visual character.
03 / What are we working on at the moment?
Several exciting projects are under development at the moment! Right now we are happy to be exploring porcelain for the first time.


04 / Main influences right now:
As part of the Co-creative design research program Ideal Lab we recently we visited the coastal city of Florø and its Maritime industry.  We find ourselves influenced by the the aesthetics of sub sea technology and installations we encountered here. The result of the workshop on ”Replanted Identity” will be exhibited in a touring exhibition in 2015.

05 / Future plans:
We have a lot of plans for the future. However our main goal is to have as much time as possible to design and to always enjoy it as thoroughly as we do now.

06 / What is a perfect product for us?
A perfect product is both immediate and lasting.



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