A mini interview with Tua Marika


01 / Me:
I’m a Finnish graphic designer turned into student again in the jewelry design field. I started my jewelry studies summer 2013 by taking courses at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Soon after I got accepted into the Institute of Design and Fine Arts in Lahti, Finland, where I’m currently studying.


02 / What do I want to communicate with my designs:
I make all my jewelry, from start to finish, and I’m very precise with the quality. A piece of jewelry is something that lasts. It can be given forward and have so many personal meanings and memories. I strive to make pieces that last time — in design as well as a product. I wish to communicate these values with what I create.

03 / Working at the moment:
I just had some of my jewelry showing at Local Design, the main exhibition of Helsinki Design Week, which I was super excited about. Next to that I have been working on my first look book. We shot it a while ago and it will be published on my website in the near future. I have also many new designs that I can’t wait to get my hands on, but as a full time student the time for own projects is often limited.

04 / Main influences:
I guess one of the biggest influences on my designs is my background with graphic design. I was taught five design principles: alignment, balance, contrast, hierarchy and repetition. I think I use the same principles when designing my jewelry. I have always been a fan of simple designs, but I notice myself more and more drawn into things a bit more complicated, too. I’m very sensitive and I get my inspiration from various things around me. I find it really inspiring when I see people do what they are passionate about.

05 / Future plans:
As I’m still studying, my future plans evolve with the different ideas I get… But as for the near future plans, I’m on the lookout for a place to do my internship next summer, which I’m already looking forward to.

06 /      Advice for instagrammers: @tuamarika
I’m not sure if I would have any specific advice but to post things you like and what you find interesting and beautiful. I don’t have a specific theme, but I like to think of how my feed flows and sometimes I can be a bit obsessive with it too. I think of instagram as a visual diary and I like to create hashtags to group some of my images together, like #thehanddiary, #therosediary and #tuamarikajewelry.

For me instagram works as a daily inspiration. I love scrolling through and seeing what people have seen, done and created. I really like how the app lets you find and connect with people sharing common interests. Instagram has opened a new door for me in expressing myself and I’m genuinely blown away by how much support the community gives and the positive impact it has had on me.

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