A mini interview with Therese Sennerholt



01 / Me:

I work as a freelance art director and graphic designer, I have my own company but design for other companies too. For the last four years i have been working on my own range of products, which has taken my brand to a new international level. I create posters and photo art which are sold both on my webshop and at selected retailers around the globe.




02 / What do I want to communicate with your design:

Do you mean with my posters? They have mainly been quotes that are about my life, things I think and feel, but I have created so many quotes, so i wanted to do something new. My last collection of posters, which I released recently, is called Shapes + Words. For each shape there is a word that complements it. The collection is minimalistic and clean, timeless in a way. It also has more colour than my previous work, which i like, and there are no quotes. That said, it is still about where I am in life, I have special reasons to love Mondays, and there is a poster called  ”Monday Delight”. If you look at my collections throughout the years you can see the phases i have been going through.Word2_03

03 / What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment i am working on an identity for a fashion store, on wallpaper for a company as well as constantly working on developing my own brand.

04 / Main influences:

Magazines, blogs, other creative peoples work, fashion and movies. As for the identity I am working on, I have found inspiration in the movie ”American Hustle” which has a 70’s scenery with stylish fashion from Halston, Givenchy etc and decorative environments.

05 / Future plans:

Expanding my portfolio and creating more design for other companies. I would also love to do an interior magazine, it’s been a while, and I have a dream of doing something which hasn’t been done, something different. Many interior magazines look the same, at least in Sweden. I have a lot of ideas that I would love to implement.

Uten navn-106 / Advice for instagrammers:

Ask yourself why you are on instagram, what is your purpose, stay true to your style, and don’t take too many selfies.

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