A mini interview with Stylist Tina Hellberg

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Me; Interior styling is my job and I’ve done that for a long time now, almost twenty years, and I love my work.



Tell us why and when you started with interior styling?

I started with interior styling little by little as an consequence of doing food styling, something which started in 1995, I was the first food stylist in Stockholm. The food sort of extended into becoming more of a scenography and one day I was more into that and found the food styling harder and harder to focus on since it gradually lost interest to me. Food is still a passion though, something important to me. but since I relate to everyday anyway either through cooking or eating I changed my subject to interiors. I intended to become an artist once upon a time and the still lifes and sketching and color studies I did then was something I really loved and I wanted to use that knowledge on a larger scale, in a room setting for instance.


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How will you describe your style right now? It is about the lines and the space in the picture more then a certain style I would say but then again it also depends who the client is. I care a lot about the composition and the colors as always, someone said that my style is a minimalistic but with a certain warmth and I think that is accurate I do not like crowded styling, it has to breathe but also it has to have life and a human touch like a branch or a flower.


What are you working on at the moment? I have some regular clients that I work with like Hemtex, it started off like 1 ½ year ago when the creative director Anna Romson asked me if I would like to work with her on this project for the Swedish textile company. I had worked with Anna before and it was a very pleasant experience so I said yes and we are getting better and better and I really love the team and that is one of the advantages of being freelance, you get to know some wonderful people and work in different surroundings and in different projects. Right now I am on my way to Älmhult to do some work for Ikea, also with a great team that I will be sad to leave when the project is finished, and as always I have my dear friends at Elle decoration that I work with since all the time I have been a stylist, 20 years now. Before the summer holidays I have two big assignments for them and it is always exciting and difficult since I am free to do basically what I want and of course we discuss and agree upon a theme before hand but it is always a question of how you interpret an idea, words become images and that is always a personal thing. They trust me and it is a great opportunity to have that position to be able to explore ideas and make images from them. Another reason that I love working for elle decoration is that it is a global network and I love it when my images gets republished, like in the may issue for Elle decoration UK for instance.


What is your current Obsession? As always everything that grows, plants, trees, flowers like now when all the fruit trees are about to bloom. It is a great time of the year.

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What is a perfect still life for you? Still life is something I take very seriously, it is very important with the composition, how you use the space between objects and colors. I think, I look and then I feel if it is right or not. You can theorize about it but ulimately it is the feeling you get when you look at it that tells you if you have succeeded or not. Lately I have been more and more interested in the light and I prefer to get the images a little bit darker and more saturated then before.

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What are your thoughts on Instagram? Instagram is lovely in the way it connects people, from something you yourself has created. Images are powerful tools.


What do you think we will see more of in 2015 ? Deeper darker and layered styling but not too heavily propped. Patterns, color and personal combinations that are interesting and more green, that trend has just begun maybe as a consequence to the environmental problems that we face today. So I wouldn’t really call it a trend, its more than that, a necessity.


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