A mini interview with STUDIO OINK

stattmann-30 stattmann-26 Studio Gloria  _MG_9837 _MG_7238 _MG_1953 _MG_179401 / We: Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hiller are the founders andcreative directors of


The Studio is specialized in creating customized concepts for high quality interior design, set design and styling for film and photo productions and even for digital and print magazines.Apart from customized interior design the Studio also helps with choosing good and suitable art and design objects for your home by constantly keeping an eye on the art scene, the market and new design trends.


02 / What do you want to communicate with your styling?
The philosophy of Studio Oink is the balance between poetry and function, of simplicity and playfulness. Through our styling we would like to express our great sympathy for the japanese tradition and the simple and naturally way of the scandinavian life. Less is sometimes more, but the aesthetic often lies in between the details.


03 / What are you working on at the moment?
Currently we are working on a styling and shooting for our Online Shop, where we sell some carefully selected vintage pieces and some ceramics of contemporary designers or artists, the other project we are working on is the retouch of our styling production with the beautiful actress Gloria Endres de Oliveira and the wonderful clothes of Johanna van Daalen.  Moreover we launched our last production for the lookbook for the jewelry manufactory and Goldsmith WSAKE .  The next styling work will be for the german producer„Design fuers Heim“ . We will do some mood pics for them. And we are happy to have finished our wonderful styling and photo production for the german furniture manufactory „Stattmann Neue Möbel“.

04 / Main influences:
We are definitely influenced by the japanese architecture and their play with light and shadow. We read a lot of books about their culture and their ideas for architecture and design. Regarding this we are also strongly fascinated by the magical interiors of Axel Vervoordt. And we are really in love with the all white interiors and the simple way of life of the scandinavian interiors. We don’t like that „black and white“ interiors, we appreciate the mixture of wood and furniture with natural patina and the soft colour palette of the north. We like the idea of catching the light into the houses and feel inspired by the nature of the north.

05 / Future plans:
We would love to do another interior project, the best for a Café or a restaurant and of course some more styling projects! In private we would like to go back to Leipzig, where Matthias is born. We are looking for a combination for living and working. Our biggest dream would be a small house with a studio and a garden. We will see what happen.

06 / Advice for instagrammers:
Stay true and don’t try to copy others. There are so many boring „black and white“ insta accounts and so many „stolen“ or borrowed stuff. We would advice people not to mix the private IG with the business IG. We share our work, our inspirations and ideas with the others IG users and give them a chance to take part of Studio Oink.

07/ Best styling tips:
Uuuh, good question! There is no main advice we can give you! Its hard to define, because a styling is very personal, so there are no special rules you can follow. We don’t like these typical tips like: „Mix some new stuff with vintage stuff“ or „Arrange vases or framed pictures in a group“. Its not easy to create a good styling or a good interior and if it would work with sepcial rules, everyone could have beautiful houses easily.

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