A mini interview with Nana Hagel

One of my favourites on Instagram is Nana Hagel. I have been a fan of her for a long time. I had a chat with her on email about who she is and what she is doing right now.s1




Nana Hagel
A 26-year old food & travel journalist from Copenhagen, currently exploring all the beautiful and good cafés and restaurants NYC has to offer.


What do you want to communicate with your photos?
Mostly just everyday life. The small scenes and aesthetic nooks I stumble upon.

What are you working on at the moment?
Right now, I am working on a couple of articles and guides to NYC for Copenhagen Food, where I work as a journalist. And, as always, I am on the lookout for beautifully decorated restaurants to feature on my blog Far And Close.

Main influences:
I follow a lot of talented people on Instagram, both bloggers, photographers and everyone else, and I get a lot of inspiration from that media. Other than that, I am inspired by beautiful places with loads of light and room to think.

Future plans:
I can’t wait to finish university next Spring and start working full time (though it pretty much feels like full time now, too, since I do so many different things). My goal is to always evolve and always do what I love. I don’t think I would be very good at working 9 to 5 for some big company with no creative freedom. I need to set my own rules! Which I guess is what everyone wants but not everyone gets.

Advice for Instagrammers:
Find your style and stick with it. Try to keep your feed cohesive with a clean look (I find that on Instagram, less is often more!) Don’t over-edit your photos and take it easy with the filters! (I never use any). Be on the lookout for the small details. Think about light (I only only shoot in good daylight) and compostion and have fun with it, meet new friends who share your interest and don’t have many followers as a goal – you can’t really control that yourself.


All photos by Nana hagel


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