A mini interview with Marte Marie Forsberg

marte_marie_forsberg_20130515IMG_685101 / Me:

Norwegian photographer living in a 200 year old thatched cottage in the English countryside. Working for clients around the world within the food, lifestyle and fashion industry.


02 / What do you want to communicate with your pictures?


I´d hope that the viewer gets transported.That my images creates an emotional response, wheather I photograph food, travel, or fashion. I try to create stories around the subjects I photograph, and I´d love for the photographs to be able to take the viewr on a journey, even if the subject is a familiar cake dish.



03 / What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I working on a few books projects for different clients,  working with TV and my weekly editorial jobs for food magazines. Its an exciting time and I´m thrilled to be able to on a daily basis work with projects within the food and fashion industry that I´m passionate about.


04 / Main influences right now:

I´m always very inspired by the fashion scene, architecture and nature, but I find that I´m most influenced in my work by natural light. That magical moment when light and shadow meet.
The italian baroque painter Caravaggio is a master of the use of light and is always my main source of influence. I don´t really go online that much for inspiration, but the ever evolving food scene makes my knees weak with excitment. I´d say besides Caravaggio, London as city is my main influence at the moment, with its color sceme, exciting food scene, classical and modern architectur and its street fashion that always manages to inspire with it´s foot in tradidion and it´s head in the future.


05/ What is a good picture for you?

A picture that makes me feel something.


06/  Advice for instagrammers ? @marte_marie_forsberg

As a professional photographer I love using instagram to share my passion for photography. There are so many increadble accounts to follow for inspiration, but I think  sharing what you feel passionate about, interpreted in your own way by using or not using filters and a few editing tools is al you need.

Consistently sharing what you love and having fun while doing it, creates the best instagram accounts in my opinion. When it becomes too professioanl, or too streamlined I lose interest. Like any other work.

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