A mini interview with Lotta Agaton


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01 / Me: Lotta Agaton, interior stylist.

02 / What do you want to communicate with your styling? I want to help companies to lift their products in a more consistent way and create high quality pictures that can live for a long time..and of course it is wonderful if I can inspire people.


I have been a stylist for more than 15 years and and I am still excited about every job I get, to me creating is almost like going into a bubble where there is only me and the props playing, I love my job and that is a true privilege.

03 / What are you working on at the moment? I just came back from a five week long photoshoot for Herman Miller in the US and I have a big photoshoot for String Furniture coming up next week..and also my first book is soon being released end November.

04 / Main influences right now: I am inspired by Ilse Crawford, Dimore studio and a more grown up and eclectic mix of furnitures and colours that I have used recently.

05 / Future plans: What ever the future brings..

06 / What is a perfect still life for you? It is well composed, confident and includes something odd or some contrasts without being messy.

07/  Advice for other styilsts? Be true to your gut feeling, don’t look at others because what you see is already done…


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