A mini interview with Josefin Hååg

1 / Me:

Josefin Hååg, Interior stylist and blogger at Based in stockholm, Sweden
02 / What do you want to communicate with your styling?

Hopefully inspiration. To me it feels like a privilege and the very best feeling if i’m able to inspire someone with my work! Also my wish is to communicate something that feels believable and authentic rather then something pretentious and staged. My hope is that my work will talk it’s own language, so that I am communicating me and no one else.
03 / What are you working on at the moment?


I have a couple of things that I’m working on at the moment, that will be out this spring, also I did a job for My residence just before christmas that comes out in February so I’m really looking forward to that.
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04 / Main influences right now:

Stylist Tina Hellberg is a really big inspiration right now, I’ve always looked up to her and the way she uses color, materials and how she has her own style, that I really love. Also she is a very warm and sweet person who seems to have beautiful values and thoughts about the world and people and that inspires me to!
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05 / Future plans:

I’m not to good at making plans actually. It’s always been important to me throughout my whole life to do things in my own time, and I don’t take anything for granted, so I’m taking it day by day and we’ll se what the future brings.
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06 / What is a perfect still life for you?

I think a beautiful still life is a combination between composition, color and ultimately, just a feeling. Composition is key I think, if I move a vase two centimeter to the wright or left can be what makes the harmony in that picture. But If I want to move a vase two centimeters to the left another person might want to move it two centimeter to the wright and think that looks better, so again, it’s what looks good to me. When I build a still life, big or small, I kind of zoom out and step into my own little creative bubble trying to find a nice balance and feeling and what looks good to my eyes. I’m very picky in general when it comes to my own work and I feel that it’s very important to not be satisfied to quickly and really ”work trough” and try different possibilities to come up with that perfect harmony.
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07/  When you style what are focusing on?  What do you think is important?

I think its important to communicate something real. My focus when I create a picture or environment is to make it inspiring and interesting, and try to not be to predictable. I always focus on materials, textures, shapes and colors, and build from there. And again, composition- that’s everything! I also think it’s important to stay true to who you are. Sure you have to experiment and explore (and make mistakes, that’s important to) all the time to evolve your own style, but I don’t believe in trying to become someone else, but to stay true to who you are as a stylist and be the best you possible.


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