A mini interview with Hilde Mork




01 / Me:

My name is Hilde Mork, 36 years old Norwegian graphic designer. An Oslo-girl with background from England and France, now living in Skien, in a house with a garden with the love of my life, our son Theis (3) and daughter, Veslemøy (5), four hens and our sweetest cat, Rosa. Garden, nature and interior are my playgrounds. Besides being a graphic designer, I write for magazines – styling, photo and text. Jeanette Lunde and I have HYSJ together, a web-shop, were we sell limited edt. prints and other products design by us.


02 / What do I want to communicate with my picture:

My Instagram is my digital sketch book. I use Vsco to process my photos (mostly taken with my very old iPhone 4s) and the filter T1 gives this matte paper feeling. As a graphic designer I love to print my work on matte paper. So this constant documentation of my visual world and this matte paper feeling is a way to be true to myself and my progress as a visual nerd + to daring to share it with other people

03 / What are you working on at the moment?

I´m lucky to have several interesting project ahead of me with some amazing people, and right now I do something I really care for: The environment. I´m the graphic alibi in a pilot project called UpCycle. We are a group of designer and architects invited by Kreativt Gjenbrukssenter in Porsgrunn. Our challenge is to see new value in the materials already rejected, and attempt to transform materials into a new unique products. We are now working on a little exhibition to give the project a kick start.

04 / Main influences:
Right now: Every day life, family, nature, good friends, IG, pint rest, bloggers, people who dare to be outstanding…like Ingvild Flesland (stylist a more) and Siv Svolsbru (Eco baker), magazines, my garden and the seasons. LIFE!

05 / Future plans:
Expand my green way of living and find a place by the sea… Without dreams we are nothing!


06 / Advice for instagrammers:
Be true to who you are, define your path (pro or hobby?) be kind and polite, be inspired – don´t copy, use hashtags if you want to share more and be a part of something bigger than just your own feed, have fun and explore this amazing borderless word and way of meeting new people with same interest! #sharingiscaring @hildemork78

07 / What is P A P E R  M E ?
My Instagram feed is my digital sketchbook. By editing my pics with VSCO (Different grades of T1 + adjustments) I get this feeling of matte paper. I love matte paper. And I love sketch books. «Paper Me» is my personal project where I collect pics from my Instagram feed and print them on matte paper to prolong their life and share them in a different way. «Dreamer» posted a few days ago on my Instragram feed, is now framed and given a longer life on paper in my home. This is the first, printed step on my «Paper Me» journey. More to come! This poster, 50 x 70 cm, is a made-to-order print, please contact me if you want to buy one: [email protected]

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