A mini interview with Frida Vega Salomonsson


grey_hair_vardagsbrus01 / Me:
I’m just a confused 20 year old just trying to figure things out. I work as a photographer, focusing on portraits, various creative environments and blog at
02 / What do I want to communicate with your design/work;
I don’t work particularly conceptually, so there are rarely any clear ideas or thoughts I’m trying to communicate. I mainly shoot in a relatively documentary way, trying to perpetuate a person, moment or feeling. But in my way, with my eyes. Since every frame has passed by my inner filters and I’ve captured what attracts me, every photo often resembles one another. Even if they are taken in different places or at different times.



03 / What are you working on at the moment?
The second issue of our photo magazine Paper Light (link Plus an event to bring PL and other similar publications together for a day. We will se how far I get, it’s mostly messy sketches in my notebook right now
Apart from that I’ve just finished my contribution for a group book project with the publishing house The New Heroes and Pioneers. It will be out in the beginning of 2015. Not to forget that I’m also working hard on being happy, you have to put in a lot of work to stay in a good place mentally, especially this dark part of the year.
PL_v12_alt_cover-1mini (1)
04 / Main influences:
The steady and never ending stream of visual impressions that we meet every day, online and offline. Also, the color white plus very soft or very hard lighting.


Frida_6 Frida_5


05 / Future plans:
To enjoy life, not to stress about my future, fight oppression in all forms and make friends.

MG_2511C polaroid3c

06 / What do you think is hot right now:
Grey hair (because I’ve colored my hair grey). To have your ears filled with silver earrings (yeah I’ve got that too). Solidarity. Mooncups. Different kinds of plants and branches, not flowers. The new popstar Anna Melina. Independent print. And i’d have to say that my boyfriends is pretty hot as well.      15554053933_49d19262a7_o

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