A mini interview with Dagny Thurmann-Moe


01 / Me:

36 years old living with two beautiful young daughters, Indie (7) and Stella (6). I work with colors and creative direction for different brands (mainly Norwegian) with everything from creating a color scheme for a building, to textiles, walls, interiors and products (furniture&accessories). I have a column in a Norwegian interior design magazine, planning a book (on colors) and also do segments for Good Morning Norway (God Morgen Norge / a daily morning TV show). @farge_dagny


02 / What do you want to communicate with your job?

Well, first and foremost, that white and grey are not always (almost never) the best option. White is not calming, but stressful for your brain, and grey is depressing. Few people thrive in achromatic environments, and research backs me up on this. It’s quite simple, humans need colors in their daily surroundings. That doesn’t mean that your home should look like a circus, I usually prefer sophisticated and interesting color combinations, without strong and glaring primary colors.
03 / What are you working on at the moment?

Ah, several things. It’s quite hectic, so my new year resolution is to become more structured. I have my book, which is rapidly approaching it’s deadline, and I’m not very finished, to put it like that;) I have also done the creative direction (together with one of Norwegian’s most celebrated designers, Andreas Engesvik) for Oslo Design Fair, which has been really exciting, and the industry has welcomed the initiative (which is a rebranding and and complete turnover of the old Gave- og interiørmessen). I’m working on a new textile collection for Gudbrandsdalen Uldvarefabrik, a new product range in porcelain and glassware, as well as my column. I’m hoping to be able to take on new clients and projects in February, which is really exciting as well.
04 / Main influences right now:

You know, I find inspiration everywhere. Nature is (like many others say) my main source. Nothing does colors as sophisticated and interesting as nature. The most interesting thing to learn from it, is how to incorporate nuance richness into interiors and architecture. The biggest mistake most people make when decorating, is using too few colors, which again will make the space feel twodimentional. It’s also exhausting for the brain, as it will send it into overdrive, looking for contrasts and something to rest the eye on.
05 / Future plans:

Well, there are so many paths one can choose, and I’m keeping it open for now. I need to nail my current projects, but at the same time, look at future possibilities. I would love to be involved in building up a Norwegian furniture&accessory brand, but I’m in no hurry. I would also love to do more hotel projects, not to mention more colorschemes for building facades in a city, since they’re such an important factor of a warm and welcoming city atmosphere.
06 / What is a perfect colour for you?

A perfect color is something that brings something to the table (I know, hehe, very vague). It needs to evoce some kind of feeling. Or enhance maybe a piece of art, or bring an interior (or outfit for that sake) together. I think a color alone is just a color, but if you bring it together, in a color scheme, magic will happen. A good color scheme consists of 7-9 colors for an interior space and 3-5 colors for a building facade.
07 /  Why do you think we will se more colours in 2016?

It’s very simple, it’s because we need it. 2016 is bringing a huge variety of colors, which is a really positive sign of the change we’re in the middle of. We’re leaving the black/white/grey era, and are entering a new one, which will be the exact opposite. We’re moving from an extreme lack of color, towards a more sophisticated and meaningful use of color. We’re going to see a a departure from it-colors towards a huge range of colors, where the only untrendy use of color, is the lack of it. Personal choices will be more important, and the easiest way to do that, is by adding the colors that are meaningful to you to the mix. Black will even fade out as a base color for our wardrobes, according to Li Edelkoort, and will be replaces by shades of brown and blue. Which is a good thing, because black being a base color, is the most absurd thing ever to happen to fashion, since barely anyone look good in it. It enhaces wrinkles, bags under your eyes and makes your skin look unhealthy.
08/ Advice for people who want to use more colour, but don’t dear too.

I think the most important thing to remember, is that colors look good with colors. A bright piece of furniture, can look quite shocking towards a white wall, but will get a much more harmonious feel if the wall also has a color. If your sofa is electric blue, it will really stand out towards a white wall and achromatic furniture. But if your wall color is a pale shade of blue (or green for that sake), it will look much more calm. So, my advice is, instead of starting with the furniture, start with the walls. You can use a pale color of that feels safer, it doesn’t really need much pigment for a good effect. The new neutrals are blue, green and greenish blue, and will stand the test of time (or about a decade, after that you should repaint no matter what the color for practical reasons). If you have expensive art, I would choose a wall color that enhances the piece, and not just shows it. A wall of color can do miracles for a piece of art.

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