A mini interview with Chris Tonnesen

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Chris Tonnesen 02121401 / Me:
Half Danish, half Swedish photographer based in Copenhagen working with lifestyle, food and travel – eating at its best, lifestyle at its most fearless and people at their most real. I am hugely additcted to coffee and I love craftmanship and cooking. I feel humbled to be able to work with the things I love the most, and be able to meet the people behind. I have photographed for around 4 years now and I cannot imagine doing anything else!


02 / What do I want to communicate with my work;
I am trying to convey honest and real pictures – images that feel intense and true. The old frase ‘a picture says more than a thousand words’ is something I always have in the back of my mind – I wan’t my images to tell a story, to represent a brand, to emphasize a feeling, make a dish look stunning or simply just be a beatiful picture.

03 / What are you working on at the moment?
Currently I am working on a cookbook with a very unique restaurant here in Copenhagen – I can’t tell the name of it, as it is not official, but you might be able to figure it out if you flip through my instagram, wonder if that is saying to much? I am wrapping up a personal project from the Faroe Islands – it is not often that you have the time to just go somewhere, alone with your camera, so I enjoyed that very very much! I have also collaborated with some up-and-coming designbrands like Moebe and ByHansen which have been super inspiring.

04 / Main influences:
Inspiration comes from a lot of places, it can be more than just other photographers. It can be places, feelings and for me food I have eaten and people I have met. I draw a lot of inspiration from old hotshots like Richard Avedon and Henri Cartier-Bresson – they are masters of making strong, relevant and timeless images. At the moment I am really into the Swedish photographer Per Jörgen Andersson and also Vanessa Rees, Hedi Slimane and Marcus Nilsson – they are a bit different which is refreshing. Other than that I use instagram and Pinterest a lot for inspiration, and I spend to much money on magazines, there is something about having it on print.

05 / Future plans:
The 29th of Dec. I am moving to New York for 3 months to work with Vanessa Rees and to do some personal projects – so I am super exited about that! I have been in New York a couple of times and every time I leave, I feel like it’s way to soon, so it is going to be fun to stay there for a while. Other than that I just plan to work hard and make the most it. Also I’d love to do more cooksbooks and travel to Norway and work with you, Per Olav!

06 / What do you think is hot right now:
Right now it seems like everything with Kinfolk and the soft lifestyle approach is hot, and it has been for a while. Personally I hope that it will shift towads a more scruffy aesthetic, where everything does not have to be ‘picture perfect’ and natural – more rough, less watercolor and fluff. But maybe that is just because I am a guy?

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