A mini interview with Ann Ringstrand

Hope Ann Ringstrand Co Founder Creative Director Designer 3

Hope Ann Ringstrand Co Founder Creative Director of HOPE

01 / What do you want to communicate with HOPE ?// Im convinced that ”Good Design and Communication matters for us as human beings. Good means to me a lasting and believable expression that includes a care for ourself and the people around us. Also to created inspiration for the receiver.





02 / What are you working on at the moment?// We are just going to start the AW16 collection and I’m going to NYC next week to get inspiration. Im also expanding the creative team to be able to work more with the Hope vision and overall strategics.




03 / Main influences right now? // Louise Bourgeois is a amazing influence for me at all time. Right now MoMa of Stockholm opened a exhibition with her work and I love so much about her. Joseph Beuys is another great influence of mine. They both represent a wider sense of craft and science in their work that I can connect with from a industrial and functional point of view.

Louise Bourgeois 1982, printed 1991 by Robert Mapplethorpe 1946-1989( Louise Bourgeois )


04 / Future plans for HOPE and you?  //We are expanding and plan to build a House of Hope including more fields and co-ops. For myself Im going to my studio in NYC next week to work totally free to see if something will show itself.

Skjermbilde 2015-03-19 kl. 21.55.33



( from @annringstrand)


05 / Lets talk about interior? What does interior mean for you and how do you describe your style? // I love to create the environment around us not only for our body but also for our home and workspaces. It gives me pleasure and joy to create a inspirational spaces, with a sense of quality and care. Personal in the chooses of details but also to be aware of the few things we really need and to challenge the space and the consumption to be less. Who needs a warehouse or a cellar space to stock up? Get rid of your backpack and make sure you can breath.
My interior style is very personal and warm yet quite monochrome in colors and materials. I move slowly and changes with new influences that is mixed with lasting designs that I´ve always liked. Wood, black steel and tiles are the base materials. Yet the ceramics, plants and textiles works are what gives the warmth to our home. I love ethnic influences specially from North of Africa. The more ”kitschy” side of me leans toward irregular glass, 70´s paintings and Mongolian Horses that are little bit all over the house. My kids work of art and our love for music also tales a great part of the space. The biggest room is the dining/work studion area. We spend most of the time here together.

Skjermbilde 2015-03-19 kl. 21.41.41

( from @annringstrand)
06/ Do you do the interior design for the brand and what is the philosophy behind it ? // We follow the same influences that we have for the assortment which is industrial workwear spaces and functional detailing. I added also a Swedish raw yet clean wood to the new shop concept inspired by Designer Axel Einar Hjort. I also like the spiritual yet functional expression of the Shaker style and we built the dressing rooms form this perspective. I like the interaction of low-tech and high-tech where something real and very sensitive meet digital and technical development.


( AXEL-EINAR HJORTH, soffa ”Utö”)

Hope-flagship-store-Johan-Lytz-Christian-Hallerod-04( Smålandsgatan 14, Stockholm, Sweden)


07 / Do you want to work more with interior in the future?// Yes both with interior accessories and textile decoration. I love the Pillow Cases that we do form left over fabrics and i co-op with Stockholm Stadsmissionen ”Mission Quilt”. I like to do a similar charity program in every city where we open our Hope Shops.

Skjermbilde 2015-03-19 kl. 21.42.55

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