A mini interview with Andrea Papini

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01 / Me:

an Italian photographer moved to Sweden for work and stayed for love. I’ve been studying architecture in Roma, then working as a 3D artist and now landed with a camera in my hands. A passion that started thanks to my father many years ago and sometimes I can’t believe that I’m blessed to work with what I love the most.
02 / What do you want to communicate with your work?


What I want the most from my pictures is to being able to see myself in them. Bringing my passions and my  character in my style is what I’m trying to achieve every time. There are so many talented interior photographers in Scandinavia and each one of them have a strong and unique style. My wish is that clients and people can see a pattern and a recognizable style in my work.
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03 / What are you working on at the moment?

In the last 7 months I’ve been working as a father full time. It has been a really tough job compared to be a photographer. Except that I used to combine my main work as employee at IKEA Communications in Älmhult and the freelance work I do mostly for Elle Decoration. My last IKEA main project was in China taking picture for the second book Find It!, really inspiring and my last one as a freelance was making a home reportage at Marcus Olsson and Natalia Altewai together with my fiancé-stylist.
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04 / Main influences right now:

We live in a time where we are influenced and inspired by the millions of pictures from Pinterest, Instagram, Behance, magazines and so on. Sometimes they’re too many. I try to narrow it down by reading magazines such Cereal, Oak, Apartamento and Fool. The styles are so different that they can trigger me to test myself with something new . It is not easy either to pick names from the amazing talented basket of photographers, but Per Jörgen Andersson, Petra Bindel and Pia Ulin are the ones I check the most when I need to feel inspired.
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05 / Future plans:

I’m torn between being home longer with my children and longing to get back to work. But I missed being in studio and working of course. For the next future, the production of the new IKEA catalog is coming for me. It’s usually quite intense and with and high pace and I really love it.
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06 / What is a perfect picture for you?

A perfect picture is a combination of memories, feelings and geometry. I love to see a balance in all the lines and shapes in my pictures. My studies gave me this needs.

But I also love to look at my pictures and remember the stress behind, the excitement, the laugh and talks with the interior designer/ stylist. It’s a combo of everything.
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07/  When work with your camera –  what are focusing on?

Honestly on myself. Before starting a shooting I always try to hide myself for 5 minutes and clear my mind. A picture is not a one man work, it has so many more people behind (stylist, art directors, layout editor, creative directors and so on) and of course many opinion. It is important for me to focus on what I think can fit the picture’s brief without being confused.
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08/ If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?

Recently I felt in love again of the 35mm on a full format frame. It is something calm with it. But when I’m using the medium format, the 80mm is mostly my choice.      Skjermbilde 2016-02-07 kl. 21.03.55

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