A mini interview with Andrea Brugi

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01 / Me: Andrea Brugi Wood Artist from Tuscany-living with his Danish wife Samina Langholz. I make unique handmade pieces-every single one with its own story…

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02 / What do you want to communicate with your products?


I love wood. All kinds. New. Old. Used. I love to work with it. It inspires me. Always. The wood communicates and my job is to pass that communication to people – to you.

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03 / What are you working on at the moment?

Right now is the busiest time of year. Luckily all our clients want to filling their shelves with our design. And very interesting is, that when we work like now, all day – 7 days a week, so many new wonderful ideas grow. So yes, it is a very inspiring moment.


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04 / Main influences right now:

Well, the main influence is – and has ALWAYS been the wood. I am not the designer, the wood is. When that’s said, my wife inspires me every day. And right now she is on her highest – in her own world of stars and trees, that is – when she is not bossing around with me.

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05 / Future plans:

Our dream is to continue working with the things we love. This requires that people keep loving what we do, which tells me that we have to think new thoughts positive every day.

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06 / What is a perfect day for you?

This Sunday we didn’t go on our weekly trip to one of the many flea markets in Tuscany. It was raining and we were a little behind with all our orders. So we stayed in our workshop all day. It was special because it felt like we were the only persons in the world working on that day. Every thing was so quite – and we were just doing our thing – without any body interrupting – with a big smile on our faces.


07/  Advice for other hand crafters?

Marry a business woman!

From with thanks!


Photo by Ditte Isager and styling by Christine Rudolph



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